We’ve teamed up with award-winning garden designer, Bunny Guinness, to transform the garden around the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries, creating a beautiful sanctuary for patients and their families.

Building work has now started and we officially broke ground on the 22nd November. Read the press release HERE

Watch the videos to see how Horatio’s Garden can greatly benefit the lives of patients in Oswestry.

Thank you to all those who have supported us so far. We are now looking to raise money to support the first year’s running costs.

“The more you’re in your bed sitting alone, the more you worry about your future and your recovery. The opportunity to go into a garden, a sensory garden would be truly amazing. After feeling so trapped in your room, to go outside and feel the fresh air and touch the plants and hear the birds, it would be a dream” – Jane, a patient.

We need your help! Could you become a friend, donate, fundraise or volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering please email volunteer@horatiosgarden.org.uk


Bunny Guinness is well known as a Gardeners’ Question Time panellist on Radio 4 and writer for the Telegraph. Her sensitive designs will include a spectacular garden room so patients can enjoy the garden whatever the weather and a fabulous greenhouse within a horticultural therapy area. A social area will provide space for patients to gather and enjoy live music and events hosted by the charity whilst private areas will give privacy to patients who need a space to contemplate.

“Hearing from people who have benefitted from the other Horatio’s Gardens has inspired me. The gardens provide all the benefits of a beautiful outside space to people who really appreciate them. For the patients, it may well be their first venture into the outside world again, for their friends, families and staff the gardens provide a softer more personable space away from the ward. I am privileged to be involved in this exciting project at Oswestry.”

The Design

Bunny Guinness’s designs carefully reflect the needs of patients and their families. The main garden will wrap the spinal unit on two sides with the planting in the existing courtyard areas being enhanced so that all patients’ bedroom windows will have a view of nature. The garden will be all on one level, with smooth paths throughout ensuring that it is easily accessible to patients in beds and wheelchairs. The essential design features will be a social space, private areas for patients to seek solitude or share with a family or friend, flowing water in a rill, a garden room, a garden therapy area, greenhouse, wheelchair skills area and children’s play area.

“This is going to help our patients a lot, it will not only help them in their physical wellbeing but more so in their psychological well being. Once their mind is in a better place, I would expect them to be participating lot better in rehab and it might actually reduce their hospital stay” – Joy Roy Chowdhury, Consultant Surgeon.

Read more about the design HERE

Building works for Horatio's Garden Oswestry have not yet begun but if you would like to know more please ring the office on 01722 326834 or email info@horatiosgarden.org.uk

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