This past weekend, an already perfect spring day in Horatio’s Garden South West was made that little bit sweeter by a visit from Great British Bake Off’s very own Maggie the Seaside Baker!

Maggie the Seaside Baker in South West garden 

Swapping the famous tent for a stint in the sanctuary, Maggie joined patients in the garden and garden room, chatting and sharing her favourite stories from her time on the beloved Channel 4 show last year. 

With word having spread throughout the ward about Maggie’s looming visit, a throng of patients gathered to hear all that she had to say. As well as doing a formal talk, Maggie spent a great deal of the bright and beautiful afternoon simply getting to know people and answering their questions about what it’s like to be among the nation’s Star Bakers. 

One thing that prompted a great deal of interest was the album Maggie brought along with her, which documents both her time on the show and all the incredible opportunities she’s been grateful to enjoy since. Alongside it sat a rather impressive, if deceptive cake; one which certainly looked good enough to eat, but alas is a plaster of paris sculpture which Maggie was given to mark her time in the Bake Off tent.

Maggie's Album with Cake Sculpture Patients and volunteers chatting with Maggie

Despite no one being able to help themselves to a slice of that particular creation, fortunately there were plenty of other delicious homemade treats to choose from! All were lovingly made by the talented bakers on our volunteer team, many of whom generously lent their time on Saturday to support the event. Naturally, they were just as thrilled to meet Maggie as those currently spending time in hospital and appreciated her GBBO tales too. 

Maggie’s first visit to Horatio’s Garden was most certainly a success, so much so that Maggie kindly said after the afternoon came to a close, “You all looked after me really well and the garden is so beautiful. Thank you for asking me.” 

The pleasure was certainly all ours and we’re looking forward to hopefully welcoming Maggie back to Horatio’s Garden in the not-too-distant future.