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March 14 2022


BBC Radio Shropshire have always been brilliant supporters of Horatio’s Garden Midlands and last Friday was no different, when Head Gardener Alex Law appeared on the airwaves for the first time! 

To catch up on BBC Sounds, please click here 

You’ll find Alex’s piece approximately 46 minutes into the programme 

Appearing on the Morning Show with Jim Hawkins, Alex shared how he started his new role in January and explained how the gardens are created and care for to help everyone affected by spinal injury. 

Being a short segment, Jim and Alex’s chat turned to practical gardening advice, with the former asking what kind of things listeners could be getting up to in their gardens at home over the coming weeks. 

Like many people, Alex mentioned he’s looking forward to the spring and summer, sharing that he’s been working with patients to do a lot of seed sowing at the moment and that it’s something everyone can give a go. Whether you have a garden, greenhouse, windowbox or windowsill, Alex recommends sowing salad crops, cut flowers and if you’d like a little late summer colour, to definitely try sunflowers and cosmos. 

Chitting potatoes came up too, with Alex detailing more about how this helps your crops to grow, whilst he also told people that letting your lawns go a little wild is a great way to support animals and insects. He shared a handy tip for making a thriving lawn appear totally intentional too, but you’ll have to have a listen to discover what he said! 

As for helping first time gardeners to get growing, Alex sang the praises of windowsill propagators, which everyone can make the most of no matter where you live. In Alex’s words, it’s well worth it, simply because “it’s like magic seeing them come through the soil.” 

To catch up on BBC Sounds, please click here 

You’ll find Alex’s piece approximately 46 minutes into the programme

We’re very grateful to the team at BBC Shropshire for featuring Alex and hope it won’t be too long before he’s chatting to local listeners again! 

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