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February 7 2022


Last year, Alexandra Barto, founder of Clay by Design, generously took part in the very first Great Charity Pot Sale in order to help raise money for Horatio’s Garden. After the event caught the interest of amateur, professional and star potters alike, the online sale has grown to become The Great Charity Pot and Print Fair, with Alexandra getting involved for a second time to support everyone affected by spinal cord injury.

Clay by Design Moon Jars 

The idea for the sale began with Leeds potter Lorna Gilbert, who launched the online fundraising event to raise money for charities affected by the pandemic. It soon captured the hearts of potters across the country and the world, including the likes of Keith Brymer-Jones, Kate Malone and Sue Pryke, who each joined the many potters choosing a charity they would like to support and selecting a piece they would like to sell. Buyers could then see all the works on offer and purchase their chosen pottery through the event’s Instagram page.

Pottery Moon Jars Clay by Design Moon Jar Moon Jar 

With the inaugural Great Charity Pot Sale raising over £17,800 for over 60 different charities, we were thrilled to see the event become a huge success and were enormously grateful to Alexandra for lending us her talents as Clay by Design. 

As the occasion will now be featuring prints as well as pots, there are hopes that this year the fundraising event will be bigger and better than ever! It will be taking place from Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th March, so if you’re interested in staying up to date, head over to The Great Charity Pot and Print Fair Instagram here, or visit the event’s website.

Alex Throwing Pottery Moon Jar Glaze Close-Up

Alexandra will be submitting a small collection of Clay by Design moon jars (similar to the ones pictured on this page) to the Fair, all of which are unique, handmade and simply stunning. To see her submission and to keep up with all things Clay by Design, pop over to the Instagram here, or visit the website.

Moon Jar Pair 

We’re so excited to watch the 2022 edition of this ingenious fundraising event unfold and wish Alexandra the very best of luck with her potting in preparation for the Fair!

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