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May 11 2020

getting involved in garden day!

For those of you who may not know about Garden Day UK, it’s the chance for people to ‘down tools, don a flower crown and spend time celebrating their gardens’!

The main thing is that it’s for everyone, whether you’ve got a garden, balcony, or simply enjoy tending to your house plants. This year the event was held on Sunday 10th May, with many people taking to social media to share their flower crown pictures, whilst others did live streams from their gardens, or simply called family and friends to let them know how their blooms have been coming along this spring.

Garden Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of gardening for people’s health and wellbeing, something that Horatio’s Garden are naturally passionate about. The day places emphasis on the fact that gardening reconnects us with the great outdoors, which in turn offers many people a feeling of peace and calm that has a positive impact on our physical and mental health.

Of course, we naturally joined in with the celebrations and our very own flower crown extraordinare, Head Gardener Jacqui Martin-Löf, did a special video to help everyone create their own at home.

We hope you all had the chance to appreciate nature this weekend and that you continue to enjoy spending time with your plants and flowers over the coming months too!

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