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Here at Horatio’s Garden we’re a small team trying to make a big difference. Every single one of our staff members makes a tangible contribution, united by the ambition to improve the lives of everyone affected by spinal injury. 

Together, our fundraising, events, communications, finance, garden, art, administration and operational teams all achieve amazing things. 

With the opening of each new horticultural haven, we welcome a new Head Gardener and Garden Administrator, whilst our office team consistently grows in tandem to ensure every sanctuary is well supported and to pursue the charity’s vision; to open and run a Horatio’s Garden in all 11 NHS spinal injury centres throughout the UK. 

We innovatively approach everything with kindness, thoughtfulness and dedication, with patients, their loved ones and NHS staff at the heart of everything we do. 

As Horatio’s Garden continues to expand and flourish, there’s never been a more exciting time to join us in a rewarding role that will empower you to thrive.


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