We’re delighted to share that Head Gardener of Horatio’s Garden London & South East, Ashley Edwards, will be back on the airwaves this February!

He’s set to appear on the panel as part of Friday 24th February’s Gardeners’ Question Time episode on BBC Radio 4, whilst he’ll also be talking to an inspiring young woman, Pia, who’s currently spending time in the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) in Stanmore.

L-R: Dan Cocker, BBC Gardeners’ Question Time Producer, Ash, Pia’s father, Pia, Rahnee Prescod, BBC Gardeners’ Question Time Assistant Producer and Ashley Edwards, Head Gardener of Horatio’s Garden London & South East

Both Ashley and Pia were thoughtfully directed by Producer Dan Cocker and Assistant Producer Rahnee Prescod, who were thrilled to be visiting the garden and were as wonderful as ever to work with. Together, they recorded Ashley and Pia discussing the benefits gardens and green spaces hold for our health and wellbeing; something they both feel and understand intimately.

Through his work with patients, families, volunteers and NHS staff in Horatio’s Garden London & South East, Ashley sees the positive impact of gardens and gardening every single day. The uplifting power of spending time in nature is also something he’s long experienced himself throughout his varied career, making him an expert when it comes to sharing insights into the importance of all things bright and beautiful.

18 year-old Pia and her father, Ash, have also recently discovered the extraordinary emotional, social and psychological benefits of being able to spend quality time in a peaceful place.

In November 2022, a C2-T2 legion was found on Pia’s spinal cord. She was given the working diagnosis of Acute flaccid myelitis; a very rare condition which affects teenage girls, with only 5-600 cases worldwide. After initially spending time at The Royal London Hospital, she’s so far spent seven weeks in the RNOH.

Since arriving, Pia, her father and their family have all loved spending time in Horatio’s Garden, making her and Ashley the perfect pair when it came to talking about the good gardens can do for everyone’s physical and mental health.

We’re so grateful to Pia and Ash for generously offering to share their story as part of the upcoming episode and would like to thank Dan, Rahnee and the whole Gardeners’ Question Time team for once again featuring Head Gardener Ashley and Horatio’s Garden.

Don’t forget to tune in on Friday 24th February at 3pm!