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August 23 2021

welcoming our new university of oxford interns, rafiah and mehrin

We’re delighted to have welcomed Rafiah and Mehrin to the team, who will be with the charity for six weeks as part of the University of Oxford Summer Internship Programme!


The scheme provides access to hundreds of funded internship opportunities, offering young people the chance to explore the world of work in a variety of sectors. Supported by the brilliant Crankstart programme and Santander, alongside other funding sources, the programme has made it possible for Rafiah and Mehrin to join us, with their work destined to contribute significantly to the charity. 

Both Rafiah and Mehrin will be with us full-time for six weeks, working on a defined project that will measure the physical, psychological and social impact of each Horatio’s Garden and of the charity collectively. 

With the two approaching the internship from different academic perspectives, we thought we’d give both Rafiah and Mehrin the chance to tell you a little more about themselves and what the summer internship means to them. 

Introducing Rafiah

“Hi, I’m Rafiah, one of the interns for summer 2021! I’ve done one year of Medicine at the University of Oxford and will be starting my second year in October. This summer I’ll be going to Horatio’s Garden in Salisbury, London, Stoke Mandeville, Oswestry and Glasgow, spending a week in each location. I’m really excited to speak to all the patients and staff and visitors and find out how much the garden means to them.  

My job is to collect data from across the gardens and create a report at the end. As a medic who’s really interested in the charity sector, this is just the perfect internship where I can get that clinical experience in combination with a field which I’d like to get to know more about. I have no doubt that I’ll gain many skills in this internship as well as make memories that will last a lifetime.”


Introducing Mehrin 

“Hello, my name’s Mehrin and I’m interning alongside Rafiah for summer 2021. Five weeks, five hospitals – I can’t wait! We’ve just come to the end of our first week here at Salisbury District Hospital and it’s been incredibly eye-opening. Speaking to staff, chatting with patients, and meeting visitors has really shown me just how valuable Horatio’s Garden is and I hope that through our data collection and impact report we can convey that to potential funders and sponsors too.

Having come to the end of my first year of Engineering Science at Oxford University, I am wanting to build up my soft skills, such as teamwork and communication, alongside the technical skills we develop throughout our studies. This internship has been the perfect opportunity for this, allowing me to employ analysis whilst also developing flexibility, listening skills, and work ethic. All of which I hope will help to serve me in the future!”


As Mehrin mentions, the interns’ first week in Horatio’s Garden South West flew by, which is no surprise considering both Rafiah and Mehrin were completely engaged in their project from the very beginning. They’ve encountered and come to know many inspiring people, sharing that they feel they’ve learned a great deal already, whilst they’ve equally provided us with immensely valuable insights despite only entering the sanctuary for the first time little over a week ago.


This week the two will be in Horatio’s Garden in London, subsequently moving on to Stoke Mandeville, then Oswestry and finally Glasgow, after which time they will return home to collate the data they’ve collected before presenting their findings to the team behind the charity. 

All of us are really looking forward to hearing more of Rafiah and Mehrin’s stories as they journey across the country and we will be eagerly awaiting their final report at the end of September.

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