Stoke Mandeville

December 01 2019

Jacqui Martin-Lof - Head Gardener Stoke Mandeville


Winter has arrived and so have this month's Head Gardeners' tips!

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October 16 2018

Jacqui Martin-Lof - Head Gardener Stoke Mandeville

October 2018

Autumn Cuttings - Salvia Amistad "Our Salvia Amistad have put on a fantastic show this year, their first year in a newly planted garden! Some perennials are hardier than others but to ensure that we have some plants for next year, and to safeguard against a particularly cold winter we are taking a few Autumn cuttings". Click read more to find out to find out what Jacqui recommends to ensure you will have some new Salvia Amistads to plant out in your border next year!

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June 01 2017

Jacqui Martin-Lof - Head Gardener, Stoke Mandeville

June 2018

"Now is the perfect time to carefully dig up self sown seedlings before they become too large, try not to disturb the roots. Replant to the same depth in prepared soil and water well. Self sown seedlings could include; Erigeron, Verbena bonariensis, Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella damascene), Aquilegia vulgaris, Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea), Astrantia to name but a few".

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