South West

July 01 2022

Lucy Thorpe - Head Gardener, South West

JULY 2022

The solstice may have been and gone, but there are still plenty of summer days just waiting to be made the most of!

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October 01 2021

Amy Moffett - Head Gardener, Stoke Mandeville


Taking care of your soil is the top task for this autumn!

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May 01 2021

Stephen Hackett - Head Gardener, South West

MAY 2021

Spring is certainly here to stay, so Head Gardener Stephen has decided to share his top tips on Sweet Peas, spring bulbs and meadow mowing.

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March 01 2020

Stephen Hackett - Head Gardener, Salisbury

MARCH 2020

Life is returning with vigour to gardens across the country, so why not take a look at this month's tips to help you make the most of it?

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