April 7 2015

Results from a hospital study found that a patient’s well being was improved when they had a room facing trees, rather than a room facing a brick wall. This was a quantitative longitudinal study in Pennsylvania involving 200 participants, assignment of rooms were completely random and records were reviewed over a period of 10 years and was restricted to the summer months only when the trees were in foliage. Results indicated that the length one remained in hospital, the need for pain and anxiety medications; the occurrence of minor medical complications was significantly decreased for those who had a room facing trees. (Ulrich, 1984)

A study on 300, randomly selected psychiatric in-patients looked at the effects nature scenes in wall art had on patient’s well being. Results from interviews suggested that there were more positive responses to the nature scenes. 15 years of patient’s records have shown that patient attacks were always made on the abstract art and not the nature scenes. This therefore provides further evidence suggesting that landscapes and nature seems have a significant effect.

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