More photos of all your Fabulous Summer Tea Parties have continued flooding in and we’ve loved hearing all about them. 

The Richards Castle Women’s Institute held their tea party in a member’s garden, hanging out their beautiful bunting with pride as they enjoyed a delightful afternoon tea outside amongst the flora and fauna. 

Everyone was in good spirits, laughing and catching up with each other whilst all the while raising a fantastic £420 for the charity. They also kindly offered to share their fundraising efforts on behalf of Horatio’s Garden with WI Life Magazine, which will hopefully capture the hearts of many more WI members across the country just in time for next year’s event! 

We also heard from Janet Paremain, who invited 20 of her lovely friends to join her in her home for a spot of tea. All her guests were treated to some evidently marvellous bakes, and scones with enough cream and jam to last a blissful lifetime! All the ladies enjoyed the afternoon enormously, and with smiles all round it’s safe to say Janet’s party was a huge success. 

All those who came along were hugely generous and the ladies raised a brilliant total of £300 for Horatio’s Garden. 

Volunteer Sue Stuart held her very own tea party too, artfully anchoring her tablecloth with her hostas so that it wouldn’t blow away! Sue and her guests refused to be put off by the weather, and their gamble paid off as they enjoyed an afternoon in the fresh air, sipping tea from idyllic cups and saucers. Whilst the laden cake stands were certainly the main attraction, guests also complimented Sue on her thoughtful decoration, including her Horatio’s Garden five-in-a-row vase and her re-purposing of the classic Horatio’s Garden mug. Both contained beautiful flower arrangements, each bringing a little pop of colour to the occasion. 

Annabel Briggs, a fellow volunteer in our Stoke Mandeville garden, also held an event at Sarratt Hall House which Head Gardener, Jacqui Martin-Lof, was delighted to receive an invite to. All her guests were pleased to see both Jacqui and Bella Stuart-Smith, sister-in-law to the acclaimed Horatio’s Garden London designer Tom Stuart-Smith, with each sharing a variety of gardening tips and tricks with attendees! Jacqui also spoke about Horatio’s Garden, evidently moving listeners as she offered her sensitive perspective of the charity and its work, as guests showed phenomenal support of all that we do by donating over £1,500.  

Finally, Elizabeth Everist got in touch to tell us about the Fabulous Tea Party which she excitingly held in Mallorca. With unbroken sunshine beating down all day, guests decided to take to the shade to get involved in our fundraising week, and proved once and for all that you really can hold a tea party anywhere! Elizabeth very kindly said a few words about Horatio’s Garden at her event, which increased awareness of the charity and encouraged her wonderful friends to be incredibly generous. Elizabeth and her guests gathered together to raise a total of £2,500, an unbelievable sum that will certainly help us continue planting hope throughout the rest of the year. 

We continue to be so pleasantly surprised by all your kindness and support of the charity, particularly as this is the first time we’ve ever held an event on such a scale. You’ve all been phenomenally enthusiastic, and as far as we’re concerned you’ve certainly all earned your status as Star Bakers!