The Sunday Post, a newspaper founded in 1914 and widely circulated in Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of Northern England, recently mentioned Horatio’s Garden in an article delineating the benefits of gardens and gardening to health. 

The article focusses on numerous projects and charities throughout Scotland who are increasingly recommending gardening to a huge variety of people, from teenagers with autism to people struggling with their mental health. It also touches upon how there is a growing trend in the number of people taking up gardening, with new physical and mental health benefits constantly being cited by various intriguing studies. 

As the wide-reaching impacts cited in the article would suggest, there is immense value in engaging with nature, which the author notes as something people spending time in hospital can even do from their beds thanks to Horatio’s Garden. The sense of purpose and achievement that comes with growing your own plants and vegetables is central to the therapeutic value of gardens. 

Long may the gardening trend continue! 

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