Today marks the launch of a beautiful new jewellery collection inspired by Horatio’s Garden London & South East by The Jewellery Store London; a company co-founded and run by Dipesh, a former patient at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre (LSCIC) who spent every possible moment outside in Horatio’s Garden.

Wonderfully, 25% of every purchase will be generously donated to the charity, helping Horatio’s Garden to continue supporting everyone affected by spinal injury, including Dipesh and his family. 

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“The collection was inspired by a moment from my real-life story. Because of a spinal stroke, I was hospitalized for several months and Horatio’s Garden was where I felt I could be vulnerable, where I could heal, hope and smile again,” shares Dipesh.

“This wonderful garden gave me memorable moments with my wife and son. It was the place where I could reconnect with my family and the place where I charged myself with the power to continue.”

We had the pleasure of meeting Dipesh and his lovely family many times in Horatio’s Garden, which was how we came to discover he and his wife ran The Jewellery Store London. Together, they all spent many hours chatting and laughing in the garden, forging their way to a new future together.

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Dipesh was popular amongst patients, volunteers and the team in the garden too. Being naturally artistic, he could often be found studying the colours of the flowers, whilst he also enjoyed our regular creative workshops, taking a particular liking to Zoe Burt’s art sessions with his newfound friend Ivana.


Dipesh and his loved ones experienced a meaningful connection with nature and people in the garden, something that forms the essence of TJS London’s stunning Horatio’s Garden collection. The fragility of the flower petals, the uninterrupted activity of bees and the special colouring of plants and insects inspired Dipesh and the team to create unique pieces which are all about finding inner peace, serenity and hope.

“I truly hope this jewellery will offer pure emotion, hope, and a smile to the one who wears them, making him or her feel that life should be celebrated. Just as I felt it in Horatio’s Garden.” 

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We are so grateful to Dipesh, his family and the whole team at TJS London for kindly supporting Horatio’s Garden and we hope you love the new collection as much as we do.