August 2, 2023

The BBC Beechgrove Garden films and features Horatio’s Garden Scotland

Horatio’s Garden Scotland is appearing on small screens everywhere this August thanks to The Beechgrove Garden team!

The BBC programme featuring our very own Scottish sanctuary is being broadcast on:

• BBC Scotland on Wednesday 2nd August at 8pm
• BBC Two on Friday 4th August at 7.30pm
• BBC Two on Sunday 6th August at 8.30am

The episode is also be available to watch whenever you wish on BBC iPlayer.

Followed and loved by many thousands of people across Scotland and beyond, the television series sets out to deal with, glory in and celebrate Scottish horticulture and growing conditions. Beechgrove is and has always been a firmly practical gardening programme, with two additional elements to the programme, known as ‘Problem Corners’ and ‘Through the Garden Gate’.

The latter is a chance to explore inspirational gardens both large and small right across Scotland and we were absolutely delighted when the Beechgrove team decided to pay our horticultural haven a visit.

The brilliant crew of three immediately made everyone feel comfortable, with beneficiaries, NHS staff, and volunteers alike all generously sharing their stories from time spent in the garden.

Among them were Nancy, Donal, and Russell, who are all currently spending time in the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit. Together with their friends and families, the three have all found solace in the beautiful garden and the thriving community Horatio’s Garden Scotland is home to.

Alongside filming with our fantastic beneficiaries, the crew also spoke with members of the garden’s wonderful volunteer team, including Richard, who shared his remarkable story about the various ways in which the garden changed his life. They also spoke at length with Head Gardener Chelsea and Garden Administrator Yvonne, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of the garden and the work they and the volunteers’ do to nurture the welcoming, inspiring haven.

It was then Head Gardener Chelsea’s turn to appear in front of the camera, who spoke from her unique perspective as someone who regularly sees the positive impact the garden holds for people’s physical and psychological rehabilitation. Drawing on her personal experience, Chelsea speaks beautifully, offering an even greater insight into just how vital Horatio’s Garden Scotland is for thousands of people affected by life-changing injuries from across the country.

The memorable day filled the garden with a great deal of energy and excitement, with countless people popping by to chat with the film crew, get involved in the action and, as ever, simply spend time feeling the uplifting benefits of nature.

We are enormously grateful to The Beechgrove Garden team for generously featuring Horatio’s Garden Scotland and would like to thank everyone who made the day such an incredible success.

Happy watching!

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