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Horatio’s Garden is coming to Scotland. We need your help to bring this extraordinary project to life.

Patients spend a long time in hospital following a spinal injury, around five months on average in Scotland. This can be a very difficult time.

Designed by acclaimed garden designer and RHS judge, James Alexander-Sinclair, Scotland’s Horatio’s Garden will transform the view for patients from the wards and communal rooms to something which is life-affirming to look out on to. The planting will encourage birds, butterflies and bees, adding a dimension of interest for patients who can be on bed rest for weeks.

There will be a therapy garden with a greenhouse for patients to grow vegetables and plants and a play area for patients’ children who currently have nowhere to go to during long visits.

A stunning courtyard garden will become the heart of the spinal unit giving an oasis of calm in the clinical environment. This will be a place which is uplifting and brimming with colour and life. There will be sheltered areas so patients and their visitors can use the garden during bad weather.

There has been much evidence that gardens and gardening have a positive effect on a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Having an inspiring outdoor haven is particularly crucial for people impacted by spinal injuries. 

Could you become a friend, donate or fundraise?

‘I believe that Horatio’s Garden will be an important and beautiful creation that will contribute enormously to the wellbeing of Scottish spinal patients.

Melanie Reid, Times columnist and Appeal Patron

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