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Our Environmental Policy

Horatio’s Garden recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance in every Horatio’s Garden.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Policy outlining our commitments is regularly reviewed by the Board of Trustees, one of whom has considerable experience and expertise within the environmental sector.

• We manage each Horatio’s Garden with sustainable methods using organic principles.

• We have eliminated the use of herbicides and pesticides from our gardens.

• The gardens have a positive ecological impact on wildlife and insects.

• Other garden activities where infection control is an issue for patients (for example, water features) will keep the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum.

• Plants are sourced responsibly from reputable UK suppliers, with preference given to local growers.

• We do not use peat or peat-based products in our gardens.

• We seek means to compost and reuse garden waste.

• We reuse and recycle where possible.

• We do not use cut flowers from overseas.

• Food and drinks are locally sourced where possible.

• We only use timber and wood from sustainable sources.

• We limit the use of single-use plastics and use alternatives wherever possible.

• We only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

• We seek to reduce the amount of energy and water used as much as possible.

• We use local labour and materials where available.

• We work with environmentally conscious suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors wherever possible and collaborate to improve their environmental performance too where appropriate.

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