Chalk stream fishing for three rods on the Lambourn – HIGHEST BID £300

Generously donated by Famous Fishing

A day’s fly fishing for three people on a mile and a half of the river Lambourn at Weston, between Newbury and Hungerford.    

The Lambourn is a perfect medium-sized chalk river with crystal clear water, golden gravel and swaying tresses of bright green water crowfoot, perfect water for sight fishing for both wild and stocked brown trout and some enormous grayling that can reach over 3lbs in weight.

Single barbless or de-barbed dry fly and nymph permitted. Each rod may keep a brace of stocked fish and return others. To be taken before September 30th 2015.

Online bids can be placed until 4pm on Thursday 11th June and the live auction of these lots will take place at the Summer Drinks Party.


Highest bid for this lot, updated at noon each day: £300

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