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October 7 2013

Successful ‘View from the Garden’ project completed

Throughout September Horatio’s Garden has been host to an artist and archaeologist team who have been working with the patients of the spinal centre. This is thought to be the first project of its kind in a hospital setting.

Artist Miranda Creswell has been drawing the view from Horatio’s Garden and sharing the experience with patients, staff and relatives. Zena Kamash, director of studies in Archaeology at Magdalen College, Oxford, has been exploring the history of the locality as far back as the bronze age.

Miranda and Zena are part of Oxford University’s EngLaID project that is investigating the English landscape from 1500 BC to AD 1086. Their time in Horatio’s Garden has formed part of the five year project.  

Miranda’s work often involves collaborations with specialists from different disciplines, most recently scientists and archaeologists. Zena describes herself as a Roman archaeologist with specialisms in Britain and the Near East – and she is particularly fond of Roman lavatories!

The month culminated in a harvest lunch event on Sunday 6th October when patients from the spinal centre joined Miranda and Zena to share their experiences of the view over the Clarendon Way. Thoughts about Alderbury Church and Clarendon Palace were discussed as well as pictures of relics found locally. Patients shared drawings, photography and music they had created as part of the project.

The artist in residence programme will continue in Horatio’s Garden. If you’re interested in sponsoring or supporting the programme, please contact us.

To read Zena Kamash’s blog about the collaboration with Horatio’s Garden, click here

And here is the entry in the EngLaID blog

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