We’re constantly amazed by the people we encounter in Horatio’s Garden and the many wonderful stories they generously share with us and all those who support the charity. 

One such person is Hans, who is currently spending time in Horatio’s Garden South West in Salisbury. 

He recently got chatting to Arts Programme Coordinator Intern, Evie Redwood, who was popping into the garden for one of her regular visits. Spending the afternoon with Hans in the haven, the two discovered they have a mutual love of all things vibrant and creative, which prompted Hans to tell Evie a little more about how he’s been making the most of the garden. 

He mentioned that he is an artist and that he has taken to using an app on his tablet called ArtRage, which has long enabled him to create beautiful paintings of countless things capturing his interest. 


Since arriving at the spinal centre, the garden has naturally become his major focus and he kindly decided to show some of his work to Evie. Understandably, she was immensely impressed, which encouraged Hans to subsequently share his art with all of you too, illustrating just how inspirational the sanctuary has been for him and undoubtedly will be to many others. 

His stunning pieces capture some of the most striking summer blooms, including the abundant erigeron, lillium regale, clematis, poppies, fennel, verbena and many more plants currently thriving in the late seasonal sunshine. 

Seeing a digital artist at work and the gorgeous results Hans has artistically achieved has been a real privilege and we hope that it not only inspires others to try using similar apps, but that we also see some more of his art very soon!