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July 22 2019

head gardener stephen hackett’s column in salisbury life magazine

Head Gardener for Horatio’s Garden Salisbury, Stephen Hackett, has secured a gardening column in Salisbury Life Magazine and this month his very first article has featured in their Special Summer Issue! 

Amongst his many skills, Stephen is a rather talented writer and will now be delighting the local community with his pearls of gardening wisdom on a regular basis. For novice and accomplished gardeners alike, there’s something for everyone as Stephen offers his hints and tips around what needs to be done in our gardens throughout midsummer. 

Thankfully, with the summer not yet over, every gardener should take this opportunity to fully appreciate the fruits of their labour. There may be a few little tasks that need to be carried out to keep your gardens looking fabulous, the details of which can be read in Stephen’s full piece, but watering your flora is certainly the main priority. Aside from that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. 

It’ll be intriguing to see what Stephen has to offer in his next issue, but we feel it might be safe to assume that with a season change just around the corner you may have a little more work to do next month – so make the most of your outdoor spaces while the good times last! 

If you would like to read Stephen’s full article, which you’ll find on Page 63, please click HERE 

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