Head Gardener of Horatio’s Garden South West, Stephen Hackett, has written a wonderful article for the February issue of The English Garden magazine. 

The piece is part of a follow-up to Horatio’s Garden South West’s acknowledgment in the ‘Nation’s Favourite Garden’ competition, which took place in late 2019. The issue itself showcases all six winners, therefore this latest publication truly is full to the brim with inspiration – even more so than usual! 

Stephen’s words explain a little more about the charity and feature alongside photography by renowned garden photographer, Clive Nichols, who naturally captured the sanctuary at its very best. 

Together they tell the story of Horatio’s Garden South West perfectly, illustrating just how valuable this beautiful place is to patients, their loved ones, NHS staff and indeed Stephen himself, particularly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It focusses a great deal on all the plants that Stephen and our fantastic volunteer team nurture all year round, which is a key element of Horatio’s Garden as the garden is specifically designed to offer interest to everyone throughout the changing seasons. 

As Stephen writes, growing a few edibles is certainly key to generating intrigue! When it comes to ornamental gourds and fresh salad, Stephen’s philosophy is all about favouring unusual varieties. Not only do they inspire conversation, they also encourage both greenfingered experts and budding gardeners to be involved with the plants and nature as a whole. 

Alongside such pearls of wisdom, Stephen also makes a mention of all the workshops and events the charity organiseswhilst he simultaneously notes the increase in public consciousness regarding the importance of green spaces to everyone’s health and wellbeing. 

Naturally, this is something Stephen hopes will continue, particularly as it will likely lead to gorgeous places, akin to Horatio’s Garden South West, becoming a fundamental, supportive part of all our lives. 

It’s certainly an aspiration we share and one we imagine readers of The English Garden will appreciate too. 

If you would like to discover more about the February issue, or would like to purchase a copy, please click here