As another lovely long weekend came to a close, we were delighted to discover that there was one more treat awaiting everyone on Easter Monday, as Head Gardener Stephen Hackett featured in the bank holiday episode of Roots and All. 

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The award-winning podcast features the world’s most expert guests covering all topics of gardening, from flowers, to trees, to soil science, to design and so on. It’s all about helping people to create spaces that have a positive impact, not only on you as a person, but on all the living organisms involved in making or sharing them. 

Each episode aims to focus on low intensity, sustainable gardening, with the specific and noble intention of advising people on how they can achieve the perfect garden whilst working in tandem with nature. 

As the Roots and All mission is one that we share, Head Gardener Stephen was only too happy to chat with host Sarah Wilson about how we try to put some of this into practice. 

Together the two discussed the charity’s story and how we’ve grown throughout the past 10 years to become a national organisation, with particular emphasis on Horatio’s Garden South West being that this is the garden Stephen nurtures and incidentally is where our work began. 

Stephen was sure to mention that the stunning sanctuary was designed by the brilliant Cleve West, with the help of patients, NHS staff and, of course, Horatio Chapple’s original ideas. He offered listeners an insight into how the garden benefits everyone visiting the haven, whether they’re a patient engaging in the charity’s horticultural and creative workshops, family and friends visiting a loved one in hospital, or indeed NHS staff simply in need of a respite from the pressures of the ward. 

It was particularly interesting to hear Stephen say a little more about the wonderful, exciting challenge of taking care of a garden from both a therapeutic and horticultural perspective. He speaks of the way in which visiting the other Horatio’s Garden projects in Scotland, Stoke Mandeville, Oswestry and London always helps to spark inspiration and that together the Head Gardeners are eternally sharing their bright ideas to ensure the gardens are at their very best for everyone. 

Towards the end of Stephen’s chat with Sarah, she asks him what the most rewarding part of working in Horatio’s Garden South West is, but if you want to unearth the answer, you’ll have to give the episode a listen! 

We’re enormously grateful to the Roots and All team for including us and hope Stephen’s episode encourages you to recapture the bank holiday spirit and get back to nature.