This award has been set up to identify and celebrate the gardening talent up and down the country and amidst keen competition Sallie has reached the shortlist. 

We are delighted that Sallie’s skills, expertise and hard work as head gardener of Horatio’s Garden Scotland, have been recognised in this way. 

Head Gardener and garden therapist Sallie helped with the initial planting, working closely with the landscape contractor and took responsibility for recruiting and training a fantastic team of volunteers who now help care for the planting and organising events and activities for patients under Sallie’s management.

The challenges of Sallie’s role cannot be underestimated – a brand new high maintenance, high profile garden, a team of new volunteers, working with a clinical team in a highly stressful hospital environment and delivering an incredible garden project for patients with life changing spinal cord injuries.

Sallie is brilliant at the role and is the shining light of the project. She is managing the garden outstandingly – everything is immaculate and every part of this acre garden is carefully nurtured.

Patients testify to Sallies fabulous welcoming smile and warmth – her garden therapy sessions are always filled with laughter and patients leave with a sense of pride and purpose. If ever there was a champion of the benefits of gardening Sallie is it.

James Alexander-Sinclair said “Sallie is gold dust – her enthusiasm, cheerfulness, knowledge and ability to lead the team of volunteer gardeners is a joy to see”.