It’s always a delight to see new artwork appearing in the gardens and Rob Mulholland’s stunning sculptures are certainly a welcome addition to Horatio’s Garden Scotland.


As an acclaimed sculptor and environmental artist, Rob exhibits both in the UK and worldwide. His practise explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural world, utilising a wide variety of forms and materials to ensure his sculptures interact with their surroundings. 

Rob generously visited our Scottish sanctuary to install the pieces, which consist of the mirrored silhouettes of a man, woman and child. The installation, which remains nameless, is purposely distorted, inviting you to question your individual relationship with your surroundings. 

His work is also about exploring the symbiotic relationship between us and the natural world, therefore the piece’s arrival was the perfect way to mark Earth Day this year on Friday 22nd April. 

As well as highlighting the importance of saving our planet on this particular day, the hope is that the sculptures will help to continue to prompt interesting, thoughtful conversations amongst people making the most of our horticultural haven in Glasgow.


Simultaneously, the sculptures are casting a unique glow throughout the planting, lending a whole new element to the garden. It’s a quality that both Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, and the garden’s designer, James Alexander-Sinclair, absolutely love, as do many of the people who have encountered the forms so far. Sallie also shared that they were certainly interesting to photograph and that capturing the optimal reflection was a process of discovery in itself.

We’re enormously grateful to Rob for kindly loaning the sculptures to Horatio’s Garden Scotland and are intrigued to see how they continue to influence people’s chats, thoughts, feelings and approaches throughout the coming months.