Horatio’s Garden are joining forces with one of Scotland’s top law firms, creating a partnership to provide even more support to our beneficiaries across the country!   

We are thrilled to announce that long-time supporters of Horatio’s Garden, Digby Brown, have formally become our newest regional partner, in support of Horatio’s Garden Scotland.  

Digby Brown have been a near constant presence in our Glasgow-based garden since it opened, and with them on board as partners we know we will achieve more there than ever before.  

They already work closely with Back Up and Spinal Injuries Scotland, and this partnership is further proof that they are committed to supporting everyone with spinal cord injuries across the whole of Scotland.  

The Digby Brown team have spent many hours in the garden keeping it looking as wonderful as the day it was first planted, and they have gone above and beyond to ensure that patients staying at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow have the most positive experience possible during their rehabilitation.  

Their team definitely aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work, with colleagues of all levels becoming involved over the years with regular shifts in the garden. Chris Stewart, the Head of Digby Brown’s Serious Injury Team can often be found with a spade in hand, or ferrying wheelbarrows around the garden to help our team there. Chris had the following to say about our partnership:  

“We are immensely proud and delighted to be Horatio’s Garden’s regional partner for Scotland. We have been friends of the Garden for several years and have been privileged to see first-hand the enormous benefit the space provides to patients in the Spinal Injuries Unit, to their families and to the ward staff alike. Our colleagues at Digby Brown have loved helping out in the garden on many occasions, and we look forward to many more days of potting and planting and supporting patients and their families accessing the garden”.  

As a firm, Digby Brown have over 40 years’ experience supporting clients with spinal cord injuries across Scotland, and this is never more apparent than when they are spending time with our beneficiaries; both the patients we support and their families, who are often in need of just as much support.  

Typifying their support, one of the most important ways that the Digby Brown team have helped in the garden since it opened is through volunteering at weekly ‘tea and cake days’ for patients – treating our beneficiaries to some home comforts both in our garden room and on the ward. 

It’s something that our beneficiaries always look forward to, with a few treats and a sense of normality being greatly important for patients when adjusting to their injury. It’s the perfect opportunity for patients to spend quality time with their loved ones and get to know other patients too.  

Our Director of Fundraising, Bethan Cummings, added the following about our partnership and the importance of working with partners who are passionate about supporting the spinal cord injured community:  

“Digby Brown have been wonderful supporters of Horatio’s Garden Scotland for many years, and we are delighted that they have extended their support to become our regional partner for Scotland. The volunteers from Digby Brown are friendly, hard-working and committed, putting their mind to any task, whether it is bulb planting, cleaning or weeding. They also deliver a wonderful tea and cake day every Thursday for all the patients in the spinal injury centre, which is always eagerly anticipated and enjoyed. We are so grateful for everything Digby Brown do in the garden and look forward to a fantastic year. Thank you.”

As a nationwide charity providing support to people across Scotland, Wales and England, it is vital to us that we have partners like Digby Brown who do so much to ensure we can continue our work. With a far-reaching network and experts across Scotland, Digby Brown have done a fantastic job ensuring that everyone they speak to knows about Horatio’s Garden. The awareness, as well as the funds they have worked so hard to help us raise, is one of the primary reasons for our success in Scotland to date. 

We want to say a big thank you again to everyone at Digby Brown for your years of support and we are really thrilled to have you on board as our partner. We are looking forward to welcoming even more of the Digby Brown team to Horatio’s Garden Scotland this year – we will put the kettle on and fetch some cakes!