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June 19 2020

progress in horatio’s garden london

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Having been blessed with weeks of glorious weather, there’s been a lot of progress in Horatio’s Garden London since spring!

The team from ARJ Construction have been working incredibly hard at the site, even giving up their weekends in order to stick to their schedule. Despite supply chain disruptions and all the challenges Coronavirus has brought for everyone, the team are determined to ensure that the garden will be open for patients to enjoy later this summer.

The garden pods and garden room are the notable structures to have come to life, with the pods looking particularly good now they are in their shells. Electrical work on the garden room is underway too and it’s brilliant to be able to see architect Stephen Marshall’s artful structures fitting seamlessly into the landscape.

The edging for the garden has also recently been delivered too, meaning the construction team can now make a start on creating the gentle curves and pathways that will make up the garden. Once this is all in place, the team will be able to make a start on the hard landscaping, including the resin-bonded flooring. This is a vital feature of every Horatio’s Garden, as it ensures that the surface of the sanctuary is smooth throughout, making it easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and beds.

The soft landscaping is really coming along too, which is thanks to a combined effort between ARJ and Crocus. All the trees are now safely nestled in the ground and they’ve already introduced a wonderful diaphanous quality to the garden.

Meanwhile, designer Tom Stuart-Smith and Founder & Chair of Trustees, Dr Olivia Chapple, also went on a socially distant visit to the Crocus nursery in order to search for more plants that will soon be blooming in the borders. It was certainly an enjoyable, productive trip and hopefully it won’t be long until we can share a few of the planting list highlights with you all.

We’ll keep sharing all the latest news from our fifth project over the coming weeks and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing Horatio’s Garden London as much as we are.

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