This week our fifth garden at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre in the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore has been a hive of activity as we’ve begun filling the flower beds with all manner of greenery.

A fantastic team of volunteers have been working tirelessly to plant up the garden, which was a meticulously organised process, alongside Head Gardener Ashley Edwards, garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith and his team, as well as groups from ARJ Construction and Crocus.

Despite having to plant at a social distance, the camaraderie between volunteers both old and new was absolutely terrific and everyone entering the garden has been able to tangibly feel their passion and enthusiasm. It’s also been a brilliant way for our new London team to get to know each other, as prior to this they’ve only been able to virtually meet via Zoom.

As the photos below illustrate, the garden has been truly transformed in just five short days, which is a testament to the dedication of everyone working on-site. Throughout the next week or so planting will continue and once complete it won’t be long until the garden welcomes patients for the very first time. 

It’s been truly wonderful to see so many smiles throughout the past few days and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported the next chapter in the Horatio’s Garden story, as well as to those who are now helping our London & South East garden to flourish.

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