We’ve been supported by some fantastic artists throughout our Virtual Arty Afternoons series on YouTube and this week is no different!

Our latest video comes from professional photographer, Richard Foster, who has generously taken the time to create this brilliant video to help all of us take the perfect picture with just an iPhone (or equivalent).

As a leading specialist in still life photography and moving image, Richard’s top tips are not to be missed. Not only does he offer an insight into how to use light and composition to your advantage, he also introduces everyone to a few simple devices that he’s found particularly useful as someone with a C5/C6 spinal cord injury.

Ordinarily, Richard works from his state-of-the-art studio in London, creating incredible images for numerous high profile campaigns, leading brands and agencies. Among his clients are Adidas, Bombay Sapphire, Hermes, Mulberry, Prada and Rolls Royce, whilst he has also worked on projects for National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Tatler and Vogue alongside many others.

Over the past few years, Richard has also been working on a number of personal projects, where his curiosity and fascination with light leads him to explore life’s abstraction and beauty. This has resulted in successful solo exhibitions and two books; Between Sense & Uncertainty and Monumental Landscapes.

As someone with a fondness for the natural world, Richard has also been a wonderful supporter of Horatio’s Garden for a number of years. Whilst you may not know it, those of you who have visited our online shop are in fact familiar with Richard’s work as he kindly does all of the charity’s product photography. As you will see in his video, every shot he takes is carefully considered to truly reflect the beauty of the subject; whether that be a stunning iris, or one our Emma Bridgewater mugs!

We hope you enjoy Richard’s video and remember to share your photographic attempts with us by tagging @horatiosgarden and @richardfosterstudio on Instagram.