This week our Arty Afternoon video has been created by Dorset-based artist, Lucy Bentley.


Lucy works as a professional artist in between teaching students at Hanford School as Head of Art. She adores painting, drawing and creating and everything she does has vibrancy at its heart. Using a wide range of techniques and materials, Lucy does a great variety of work to express her creativity and believes that failures are the secret to any success. Whenever she begins a project, she tries again and again to get it right and is always ready to restart with a blank canvas if needs be! 

This is one of the lessons she encourages her students to embrace and one she hopes to share with all of you watching at home. As someone who is “inspired by the energy in people”, she finds extraordinary in the ordinary and loves to see where people’s artistic journeys take them. As well as being drawn to ever-changing, wild landscapes, she enjoys working with relationships too, whether these are between people, plants or objects. Lucy feels that art is a way of telling a story, a place where ethereal worlds can meet everyday ones and help us to gently explore emotion. 

We are so grateful to Lucy for giving us all a little inspiration this week and look forward to seeing lots of your artworks too.

To find out more about Lucy, please CLICK HERE.