Today marks the start of the National Garden Scheme’s annual Gardens and Health Week, with this year’s theme being ‘Gardens are good for you’. 

It’s certainly a sentiment that we as a charity share and one which truly deserves to be promoted to as many people as possible. Every day, we have the privilege of hearing stories from each of our gardens attesting to the positive power of nature, horticulture and simply being outside. Having this knowledge is immensely powerful and uplifting, which is why we’re keen to support their National Garden Scheme in their mission to share it with people across the UK and beyond. 

Many of you will know that we have a wonderful relationship with the National Garden Scheme and that the organisation has not only made significant contributions to the capital costs of our stunning sanctuaries in Stoke Mandeville, the Midlands, London and Wales, but that they have also pledged to support our five future projects. In time, this will mean that every spinal centre in the UK will have a Horatio’s Garden.

This is just one example of the National Garden Scheme’s outstanding commitment to bringing the therapeutic benefits of gardens and gardening to everyone, with another being their new digital booklet released to mark this year’s Gardens and Health Week.  

The Little Yellow Book of Gardens and Health provides comprehensive proof that gardens are good for you, with stories and case studies from garden owners, garden visitors and the charity’s beneficiaries, all of whom have found solace along with improved health and wellbeing by immersing themselves in nature. 

Amongst the many incredible stories is one from Curtis (see pages 66-67 of The Little Yellow Book of Gardens and Health), a patient who discovered the joy of gardening, along with the physical and psychological benefits of horticultural therapy, in Horatio’s Garden London & South East. His moving insights into the difference having access to nature makes are reflected throughout the book, making it both an interesting and life-affirming read.

Curtis Planting Seeds 

As well as contributing to The Little Yellow Book of Gardens and Health, we will be endeavouring to raise awareness of the Week and all it represents on our social media channels too. By working together with the National Garden Scheme and their countless other beneficiaries, we hope that we can let everyone know that it’s more than worthwhile embracing any and all green spaces and that there’s always value giving gardening a go.