Newport Dragon’s player Ed Jackson, who was a patient at the spinal unit in Salisbury, has recently featured on the BBC Sport news page, talking about his spinal injury after diving into a shallow end of a swimming pool. 

“After hitting my head on the bottom I realised I couldn’t swim to the surface because I’d lost movement in my legs and power in my arms.” Jackson said.

“In surgery they removed my shattered disc, relocated my vertebrae and fixed it in place with a metal plate. I woke up in ICU, luckily completely coherent, however no feeling below my neck other than limited movement in my right arm.”

Ed Jackson spoke recently at the drinks party in Horatio’s Garden Salisbury and commended the excellent staff at both the hospital and at Horatio’s Garden. Ed has been discharged from the spinal centre and the team at Horatio’s Garden wish him the very best for the future.

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