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January 27 2021

new arty afternoons video

Our Arty Afternoons series continues and this week we’ve been lucky enough to receive another video from abstract artist, Karen Welsh. 

To watch Karen’s new video, please click ‘Play’ below 


Whilst last week’s video concentrated on creating abstract squares, this week Karen’s been busy revealing how we can all use our imagination to capture the essence of blooming beauties at home. 

Her new video is about painting abstract flowers, which rather than involving detail instead focusses on encapsulating the recognisable colour and form of leaves and petals. 

One of her top tips is to use a bigger brush than you think you need, as this helps to keep the painting loose as you gently build up your painting’s layers. As Karen says whilst she blends her background, it’s all about avoiding hard lines, as this ensures the painting moves. 

Karen’s enthusiasm for her work can be tangibly felt as you watch her video, particularly whenever she encounters what she lovingly calls a ‘happy accident’. For Karen, there’s no such thing as a mistake; instead, what excites her about painting this way is that you never know quite where you’re going to end up. 

It’s this sentiment that we hope lots of you will be embracing as you watch Karen’s video and if you do give her techniques a go, we’d love to hear from you!  

Simply share your work on social media and tag @horatiosgarden to let us know you’ve been enjoying the video

We hope you’re enjoying the series so far and remember to take a look back at the playlist for more of our wonderful artists’ contributions. 

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