This September we’ll be opening each Horatio’s Garden in Salisbury, Scotland and Stoke Mandeville in support of the National Garden Scheme. 

This is your opportunity to explore these unique, thriving spaces and learn more about how Horatio’s Garden supports people’s physical and mental rehabilitation as they learn to live with life-changing injuries. Both Horatio’s Garden and the National Garden Scheme have long championed the importance of gardens to people’s wellbeing, and by supporting the latter you’ll be helping the Scheme continue its incredible work. 

The gardens will be open between on the following dates: 

Sunday 1st September, 2-5pm – Horatio’s Garden Scotland – Admission £6, Children Free – Read More

Sunday 8th September, 2-5pm – Horatio’s Garden Stoke MandevilleAdmission £5, Children Free Read More

Sunday 15th September, 1-4pm – Horatio’s Garden SalisburyAdmission £5, Children Free Read More 

There will be tea and cake awaiting all who attend, as well as the promise of a guided tour from our expert Head Gardeners. Every year these events are attended by a wonderfully friendly group of like-minded people, so please do pop in to see us. 

As the National Garden Scheme announced in March that it was committed to supporting 25% of the costs of any new Horatio’s Gardens over the next ten years, this is the perfect opportunity for all of us to celebrate our partnership with them. We are so grateful to the charity for all that they’ve already done for Horatio’s Garden, and are looking forward to working together as we both take steps towards the future.