On March 27th the National Garden Scheme excitingly announced at London’s Royal Festival Hall that they are donating £75,000 to Horatio’s Garden London and announced a ten-year commitment to the charity and its projects. 

Co-founder and Head of Trustees Dr Olivia Chapple and long-time trustee Victoria Holton were present, along with celebrated garden designer Joe Swift who created the beautiful Horatio’s Garden at Stoke Mandeville.  

The three were absolutely thrilled to hear National Garden Scheme President, Mary Berry, tell the crowd of the organisation’s renewed support of our charity. Each of them expressed their delight on behalf of all those who support Horatio’s Garden, from patients and their families to volunteers, donors, fundraisers, and staff. 

The National Garden Scheme recognise the physical and mental benefits of gardens, and indeed gardening, to health. This is not only reflected in their commitment to Horatio’s Garden today, but from their previous support of the charity in the past. The National Garden Scheme have contributed a wonderful total of £180,000 to both Horatio’s Garden Stoke Mandeville and our current project at Oswestry, helping us to ensure that these gardens are available for as many patients and their families to enjoy as possible. 

Now that they have generously offered to donate to Horatio’s Garden London and to support us into the future, this vision is well and truly starting to become a reality. 

Our partnership is something that both the National Garden Scheme and Horatio’s Garden are incredibly proud of and it means so much to both charities. 

All of us at Horatio’s Garden are immensely grateful to all those at the National Garden Scheme, including all their garden owners, volunteers and visitors.  

We look forward to continuing to work together to positively enhance the lives of people for many years to come.