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November 8 2018

meet the designer

Designer of our hugely popular and fast selling 2018 Christmas cards is Martha Solloway. 

Get to know Martha and her inspiration for her art below.

“I am an artist and illustrator from Dorset and have studied art at both Kingston and Brighton Universities. I work from a wide range of subjects, which tend to revolve around my interest in people as well as social issues such as the refugee crisis – something that I am particularly passionate about. This is fed into by my current degree course in Development Studies at SOAS University of London. It was wanting to use my art as a way to communicate positive message for social and environmental change that first got me into art. 

The inspiration for this particular design came from my love of nature. Growing up in the countryside and as a keen beekeeper, much of my art focuses on the beautifully occurring patterns and forms that can be found in the natural world. 

Colour often drives my printmaking and I love using bold and unusual colours – for an element of surprise. For this illustration I painted flat blocks of colour before overlaying the image with a black lino print to bring out the details”. 

Visit Martha’s website HERE

The last few cards are remaining, purchase yours HERE

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