Every single one of your donations make a real difference.

One-Time Donation

£30 could buy seeds and pots to enable a patient to grow their own fresh fruit and salad leaves

£75 could enable a patient to fill a raised planter with seasonal flora

£150 could provide specialist bird feeders and minibeast hotels in one of our gardens, offering points of interest to patients and giving wildlife a home

Monthly Donation

£12.50 per month could provide the materials we use with patients during gardening activities in one garden for a year

£25 a month could cover the cost of three weeks of an artist in residence, providing patients with art classes in one of our gardens

£50 per month could provide all the bulbs and seeds we need in one garden for three months


Why Your Donations Matter

Across the UK, thousands of people and their loved ones are currently adjusting to living with life-changing injuries. Horatio’s Garden offers them a place to calmly and quietly face immense challenges, giving people the time and space to figure out a way forward away from a hospital setting.

Our gardens are funded entirely by the generosity of people like you. Whether its buying flowers, plants and garden furniture, or the materials required to gently support patients’ mental and physical rehabilitation, your money is vital to ensuring that Horatio’s Garden can continue to improve the lives of everyone affected by spinal injury.

We will always be so grateful for your support and on behalf of everyone who has been, is, and will be supported by Horatio’s Garden, we thank you.

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