We are very excited to see that Spring is now well and truly on the way, with new shoots popping up in all our gardens. However, for those of you who love wintry weather, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some snowy highlights!

January certainly became that little bit more exciting when flurries of snowflakes began to fall, casting their wonderful wintery glow on each of our gardens throughout the UK. 

Early January brought a chill with it for Scotland, and Head Gardener Sallie Sillars took some gorgeous snaps of Horatio’s Garden being used in all winds and weathers. 

However, ironically, the snow didn’t last for long in Glasgow! Whilst the north had sunshine aplenty, the southern softies among us watched our landscapes transform into something akin to an idyllic Christmas card. 

Our gardens at both Salisbury and Stoke Mandeville became winter wonderlands for patients and their families, and respective Head Gardeners Stephen Hackett and Jacqui Martin-Lof brilliantly captured the magic. 

We hope you enjoy the images below – hopefully we might be lucky enough to see beautiful scenes like this again next year.