Much has been happening up in Oswestry throughout the past few weeks! 

The top priority has been watering this vast space, as those based in the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt National Orthopaedic Hospital have been enjoying the warm weather currently sweeping the UK just as much as the rest of us. Head Gardener Imogen, Assistant Brian, and a handful of volunteers have all been keeping the garden topped up with some much needed H20 so that it’s ready for its grand opening on 22nd September. 

Everyone from the Butler Landscape team have been working incredibly hard too and they have all gone above and beyond by helping to keep the garden watered, whilst also progressing the build. 

The architectural elements of the garden are coming along nicely, with the most important new arrival being the gorgeous Griffin Glasshouse. Now that it is fitted with staging, it will soon become the growing hub of the garden and we can’t wait to see all the plants that grow here. Similarly, an ever-increasing number of units are settling into their new home in the garden room, which also saw the addition of a stunning Staffordshire blue clay sink. 

Meanwhile, back outside the garden is complete! The shed has been lined and the serpentine path which winds the length of the garden is ready for filling, which will be a beautiful feature of the garden. We also saw the final piece of children’s play equipment being put in place at the end of July; a cosy wooden playhouse, complete with window boxes so children have their very own space to be up-close-and-personal with nature. 

In amongst the drystone walling that lends some naturalistic structure to the garden, the plants and flowers are thriving despite only having been established for a few short weeks! Rosa ‘Desdemona’ and Agapanthus ‘Torbay’ are the real jewels in the crown at the moment, particularly the former with its smooth, ivory petals. The planting is all finished, so patients will be able to enjoy the garden in all its glory from early September. 

We’re thrilled to see that there’s already an abundance of wildlife in the garden, with evidence of leafcutter bees making the most of the garden and birds nesting too. Numerous goldfinches, blackbirds, house sparrows and pigeons have all been spotted making themselves at home, whilst red admiral and tortoiseshell butterflies have become frequent flyers in the garden. 

Preparation is well-underway for the exciting formal opening event in September, and it’s been great to see that our new volunteers are getting into the Horatio’s Garden spirit. A fair few have already agreed to support the event however they can, whilst many have also taken part in wheelchair training sessions to ensure any and all patients can appreciate the garden whenever they’d like. 

It will be a joy to share with you all that happens in Horatio’s Garden Oswestry as it begins to flourish in the coming months.