Karen Camkin is returning to our Arty Afternoons studio this week, bringing a touch of vibrance to everyone’s Wednesday by continuing the creative journey we began three weeks ago. 

To watch and follow along, please click on the ‘Play’ button below

Karen Camkin Video

Having grown up in Warwickshire and GloucestershireKaren has spent a lifetime roaming the countryside, with her appreciation for wildlife and green spaces inspiring her artwork from the very beginning. She studied Fine Art at Exeter College of Art in the late eighties and prior to this completed a Foundation in Art and Design at Cheltenham Art College, returning since to complete an MA in Fine Art in 2012. 

Her first video was all about solely using Indian Inks and pens to artistically engage with the beauty of naturefocussing on the illusive pleasure of looking at the little things we may otherwise take for granted. 

The latest addition to the series therefore sees Karen taking one of these works and using it to show everyone how to very simply add a touch of colour to their own works with the help of pencils and pastels. 

Continuing with the previous week’s recurring theme, Karen emphasises that this creative process is focussed on capturing sketchbook ideas as opposed to concentrating on the creation of a finished piece. As she herself believes, it’s much more fun to experiment with adding bright elements, seeing how each one turns out and discovering the colour combinations you prefer. 

In that spirit, her video encourages you to do whatever you like! You may wish to be true to the hues of your still life, whilst on the other hand you may take a more abstract route by playing witcolour and seeing what your materials can do. 

Ultimately, Karen’s hope is that you have fun whilst embarking on your latest arty adventure. It’s a sentiment we echo wholeheartedly and one that we are so grateful to her for sharing!