Some of you will remember that not so long ago we were lucky enough to welcome Creative Writer Jayne Woodhouse for a residency in Horatio’s Garden South West.

Over the weeks she spent in the garden, she got to know those spending time in the sanctuary well, inspiring many to give creative writing a go.

Two people, John and Simon, we’re particularly engaged in the workshops, attending each week whilst they also worked on pieces in their own time too.

Now, John has generously decided to share one of the poems he crafted with you.

The first line is a phrase John simply said whilst Jayne was in the garden. She was struck by the pure expressive quality of the words, together with the strong rhythm, which prompted the sentence John said to stay in her head.

She found herself beginning to build ideas around them, bringing them back to Horatio’s Garden South West where together Jayne and John created the piece you’ll see below.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Horatio’s Garden

A Poem by John & Jayne
There’s nothing dark in the garden, 
No matter what’s in my head, 
The sights and sounds that greet me here 
Bring light and joy instead. 

The flowers are bright with colour, 
Alive with the buzzing of bees, 
The gold, the blue and the violet, 
Reflecting the light through the trees. 

The dappled shade of the archway 
Protects from the fierce midday heat, 
The rippling stream calms me, 
As I rest by the old wooden seat.

Whenever I feel downhearted, 
And my mood is dark and low, 
That special place in the garden 
Will heal my soul, I know.