We’re thrilled to welcome Nell Nicholas to Horatio’s Garden, who will be one of our artists in residence in Salisbury this summer. 

She will be in the garden on the following dates: 

Friday 19th – 12-5pm 

Monday 22nd – 12-5pm   

Tuesday 23rd – 12-5pm   

Wednesday 24th – 12-5pm  

Thursday 25th – 12-5pm 

Friday 26th – 12-5pm 

As Nell is only with us for one short week, we’re excited to see how the garden sparks her imagination in that time and what she will create from her unique perspective of this stunning space. It is also the perfect opportunity for patients and their loved ones to be inspired by Nell’s work, and we hope that it encourages people to be creative in ways they’ve never thought of before. 

Nell will also be designing this year’s exclusive Horatio’s Garden Christmas card, which we look forward to seeing take shape over the coming months. With Nell planning to put her signature twist on ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ for the festive season, we reckon the finished article will certainly bring a little colour and a lot of joy to people’s lives this December. 

To see more of Nell’s work, please click HERE.