Horatio’s Garden Wales is featuring in the July issue of Gardens Illustrated thanks to award-winning journalist, Annie Gatti. 

Having previously worked as an editor and journalist for numerous national publications, Annie is now a freelance writer specialising in all things related to gardens and gardeners. Her work frequently appears in Gardens Illustrated and the like, as well as The Telegraph and The Guardianhence we are thrilled that she chose to tell the story of our garden at a time when we need public support more than ever. 

The short piece accompanies beautiful visual of our sixth project, which has been designed by two-time Chelsea gold medalist, Sarah Price. In just a few lines, Annie captures the spirit of Horatio’s Garden Wales and artfully introduces the charity to readers, alongside other notable garden design projects currently being developed across the UK. 

Gardens Illustrated always showcases the best of the world’s stunning gardens, as well as offering insights from top designers and plantspeople. To escape into that world for a little while, simply purchase a copy in select stores across the UK, or go online. You’ll find us on page 91 – happy reading!