The Garden Media Guild (GMG) have very kindly featured an article all about Horatio’s Garden and the exciting opportunity to visit each of our gardens from April to October 2020. 

Garden Tour Coordinator, Lucy Shergold, wrote the wonderful piece which introduced readers to the charity and explained why each garden is so important. She touches on how the gardens help patients to adjust to life with a spinal injury and gently encourages groups to come to explore the thoughtful planting and design of each garden. 

She perfectly captured the unique atmosphere of the gardens, writing ‘We all know gardens are important, but Horatio’s Gardens have something truly special about them. They are life-changing, healing spaces. They have a depth and a purpose to them that goes deeper than purely being a beautiful space and so importantly they are loved, by those who have designed them, those who work in them and those who spend any time in them.’ 

The GMG is an association which brings together professional garden writers, authors, photographers, broadcasters, editors, lecturers and allied trades. It was established in 1991 as the Garden Writers’ Guild, however as the industry expanded they changed their name to encompass all those who are passionate about gardening. The GMG’s aim is to raise the quality of garden media in all its forms, whilst it also keeps members up-to-date with events in the world of horticulture.