Horatio’s Garden Stoke Mandeville has this week been featured in The Telegraph in a fantastic article by Anna Tyzack, which explores the transformative power of our gardens and how they’re currently more important than ever. 

The piece provides an insight into the impact of a spinal cord injury and how Covid-19 is magnifying patients’ concerns. Graeme Stone, who is currently a patient of the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC), generously shared his story with readers explaining how vital the garden has been throughout his rehabilitation. Having been in Stoke Mandeville Hospital since December 2019, 70 miles from his home in Essex, he shared that the beautiful green space helped him to cope with being separated from his family. 

Although Graeme is now back at home and enjoying spending time with his beloved family, having to leave hospital prematurely in light of Covid-19 is having an impact. As the article details, many patients with spinal injuries often have reduced lung function, meaning they’re currently safer at home. However, Graeme tells Anna of how he’s already noticed a regression in his rehabilitation and that he misses the support offered by both the NSIC and Horatio’s Garden. 

Importantly though, Anna illustrates that in spite of all the current challenges both Graeme and the charity are remaining positive in these difficult times. Graeme talks of his plans to continue his rehabilitation at home, whilst Founder & Chair of Trustee, Dr Olivia Chapple, and Head Gardener Jacqui Martin-Löf shared that the gardens continue to be loved by patients and NHS staff alike. 

Anna also kindly mentioned the various ways in which everyone can help to ensure Horatio’s Garden continues to be there for those who need it most. Alongside introducing our online shop, she encouraged readers to get involved in our new Grow to Give campaign, whilst also referencing how this is helping our brilliant, understanding volunteer team to remain connected with the charity. 

We are so grateful to Anna for writing this brilliant and thoroughly thoughtful piece, which you can read in full by simply CLICKING HERE.