Horatio’s Garden Scotland is taking centre stage in the winter issue of The Scottish Gardening Magazine. 

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The brand new title was established earlier this year and is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Scotland’s gardening landscape. It incorporates an inspiring and informative mix of gardening, gardeners, gardens and growing taking place throughout Scotland in order to empower the Scottish gardening market. 

In a piece entitled ‘Planting Hope for People Living with Paralysis’, the magazine introduces readers to the history and ethos of Horatio’s Garden. It places emphasis on our gardens as a prime example of the positive effect of nature, illustrating how important it is for patients and their loved ones adjusting to life-changing injuries. 

Similarly, the subsequent paragraphs illustrate how horticultural therapy sessions with Head Gardener Sallie help to support patients throughout their time in hospital, enhancing their health, mood and wellbeing. 

It touches too on James Alexander-Sinclair’s artful design, particularly its accessibility and the way in which there’s always something beautiful blooming in every area of the garden. Be it the courtyard, woodland or greenhouse, seasonal interest can always be found thanks to the work of our wonderful volunteer team and of course, Head Gardener Sallie. 

Particularly excitingly, the article also features our new Garden Room project! We recently began work on the new development, with the hope that the room will soon be ready to welcome patients in the new year. 

It’s following in the footsteps of the enormously popular garden pods, which ensure patients always have somewhere to silently reflect or enjoy quietly with their loved ones. 

As the piece quotes, Head Gardener Sallie feels that, “It makes a real difference in rehabilitation to enable patients to spend time away from the ward, to help them feel in touch with nature and develop a passion for gardening that may well be a source of lifelong support and comfort.” 

With the story coming to a close, the writers kindly share the various ways readers can support the charity, before ending on Sallie’s hope for the future, which echoes that of Horatio’s Garden as a whole. 

If you would like to read the full article, please click here 

We are so grateful to The Scottish Gardening Magazine for featuring us and hope the publication continues to go from strength to strength for the foreseeable future!