Dr Olivia Chapple has introduced Garden News magazine readers to Horatio’s Garden Oswestry by writing a wonderful piece for their most recent edition.

Following in James Alexander-Sinclair’s footsteps, who wrote about Horatio’s Garden Scotland for the ‘My Favourite Place’ feature, Olivia shares that for her our newest garden is ‘an uplifting island of calm in a very practical setting’.

The article illustrates how the garden, thoughtfully designed by Bunny Guinness, practically enables people to recuperate following their life-changing injuries, whilst simultaneously offering a life-affirming sanctuary. Olivia writes that the garden is a place where everyone affected by spinal injury can be transported by nature and feel their emotions as deeply as they need to. Indeed, she shares that she is often particularly moved herself when visiting Horatio’s Garden and feels that this beautiful place goes some way to fulfilling the aims of hospital founder, Dame Agnes Hunt.

Olivia remembers one line in particular from the founder’s book, which reads ‘One day, I dream that all the doors of the wards will open onto a beautiful garden and people will realise that fresh air, joy, hope and sunshine are necessary for all sick people.’ As Olivia writes, it’s almost as though Dame Agnes had a premonition.