Bhupinder Sohanpal is a former lawyer, who following a stroke decided to reevaluate and change her life. She has since become the presenter of the RHS video series, Get Set Grow, is an RHS Volunteer Visitor Experience Guide at RHS Hilltop (Wisley Gardens) and is developing a new career as a garden writer specialising in wellbeing. 

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Horatio's Garden South West Patient Seed Sowing

As such, Bhupinder kindly got in touch and was lovely to work with as she put together her article featuring Horatio’s Garden. She was totally engaged with the charity’s story and was naturally keen to share it with the readers of Grow Your Own magazine. 

Grow Your Own is all about revealing how to plant, grow and nurture delicious fruit and vegetables, as well as how to take them from your garden to your plate. Expert advice comes from professional gardeners and celebrity chefs, all of whom have been growing their own produce for many years. 

Each issue often provides a packet of seeds and aims to provide readers with valuable, seasonal information regarding how to get the most from your garden. It’s as much for those living in flats as for those with blossoming plots and generally takes a broad look at all the gardening possibilities available. Put simply, there’s something for everyone! 

Patient Planting Seeds 

Consequently, Bhupinder’s article discusses the ‘gardening revolution’ brought about by the pandemic, with three million new people cited as having picked up their gardening tools, something that inevitably helped countless people’s mental and physical wellbeing. 

Horatio’s Garden is therefore introduced as an organisation at the heart of supporting this revolution, helping people to access gardening which in turn alleviates stress and anxiety, improves physical health, boosts confidence and self-esteem and facilitates new friendships. 

All of the above have been enormously important to people throughout the pandemic and have been absolutely vital for people affected by spinal cord injury, all of whom are facing a life-changing situation. 

Child Gardening Patient Gardening Volunteer and Patient Gardening

Alongside telling the story of the charity, Bhupinder mentions how the gardens are all carefully designed to enable everyone to enjoy gardens and gardening, patients, their loved ones and NHS staff included. 

Founder & Chair of Trustees, Dr Olivia Chapple, lent a few words of wisdom to the piece too, whilst Bhupinder also generously shares her own experience of how community gardening became an integral part of her rehabilitation following her stroke. As she writes, it led her to appreciate nature to a whole new degree and gave her the opportunity to contemplate life and her future, much in the same way as it does for people adjusting to spinal cord injuries.

Horticultural Therapy 

Amongst the article are a few helpful tips to get everyone started on gardening, which include growing salad leaves and herbs, getting involved in community gardens near you, as well as simply getting outside and enjoying green spaces. 

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We really appreciate Bhupinder for taking the time to write and include the charity in her thoughtful article and sincerely hope it encourages a few more people to try growing their own.