Head Gardeners' Tips

March 01 2018

March 2018

“February is almost the last chance for that spring clean! By now you should have a collection of washed pots and trays ready to use so now turn your attentions to the greenhouse. I am opting to steam clean the glass, wipe down surfaces and remove nd leaf matter gathered over the winter to reduce the chance of plant pathogens taking hold. Topped off by a good airing on any milder days! Now the spring sowing and growing can commence!

Check over and wintered pot plants for vine weevil. Use sticky mats to trap the adults, but gently remove pot plants to check the roots for curled up white grubs… it’s amazing how quickly they appear as the days get longer and milder. Take cuttings now and discard infested plants; birds love the grubs! Its best to wait until September/October for biological control nematode treatments, so act now to give your pot plants the best growing season possible”. 

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