Head Gardeners' Tips

June 01 2019

the first head gardeners’ tips of 2019

After a brief hiatus we’re pleased to tell you that our Head Gardeners’ Tips feature is back – and it’s here to stay!

Each month we’ll update this page with various hints and tricks that will keep your garden looking beautiful all year round – whether you are a seasoned greenfingers, or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone!


Our Scotland Head Gardener, Sallie Sillars, is on the case this month offering some advice on how best to approach your garden this June.

“Scotland, like most places in the UK, has had a couple of weeks of life giving rain and as always the weeds have responded first!

Now that the ground is soft its best to act fast – it’s a prime weeding window! Get your wellies on and pull the weeds before they become monsters and set seed. As you go, clear up any spent tulips and stand back to see where those gaps are ready to take the annual sowings and summer dahlias.

If you’re looking to introduce more variety to your garden, waiting in line we have Cerinthe major, various varieties of Nicotiana, Tagetes, Cleome, Amaranthe and Helianthus, all of which will create a complimentary tapestry of colour right into late summer.”


We hope Sallie’s little pearls of wisdom come in handy for you and your gardens this season!

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